Jacob Tomuri : My Favourite Lieutenant : From Luke to Bram!

Jacob Tomuri in Legend Of The Seeker

Jacob Tomuri, who played Lieutenant Luke in series 3 of The Tribe, has featured in the TV series Legend Of The Seeker as the character Lieutenant Bram. Check out the screenshots below.

Big thanks to Catherine for posting the info.

Jacob Tomuri appeared inĀ  Conversion, episode 15 of the first season of The Legend Of The Seeker, which aired on March 14th 2009. His character Bram appears in the first part of the episode, where he is introduced as an assassin, however he cannot complete his mission as he is killed… Jacob has appeared in other episodes of the series as a stunt performer, though he is a brilliant actor, stunt work seem to be his speciality.

After working on The Tribe as the Guardian’s blue haired Lieutenant, Jacob Tomuri went on to work as a stunt performer in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. He has since been credited as doing stuntwork in the forthcoming Ashley Tisdale film They Came From Upstairs and The Lovely Bones which features Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz and Susan Sarandon as well as the James Cameron movie The Avatar.

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