Calen Paris In Reservoir Hill?

Calen Paris in Reservoir Hill
I’m pretty sure it’s Calen Maiava Paris (The Tribe’s Mega) who cropped up to spook Beth Connolly (played by Beth Chote, Tribe 5′s Lottie) in episode 5 of Reservoir Hill. What do you think was it Calen? Judge for yourself in a video clip from the episode…
YouTube Preview ImageThe episode itself was a good one, Beth Chote is dressed up pseudo goth/emo like for the party… She looks great. Catch Reservoir Hill from the beginning here.

11 comments to Calen Maiava-Paris In Reservoir Hill?

  • Emma

    Wow it definitely is him this is a brilliant find and Reservoir Hill has just gone one step up higher in my opinion now. Oh he is looking so damn sexy yum Love the tatoos!!!!!

    I love it so much when there’s more than one tribe cast member on screen together in something. Mega and Lottie!!! Sweeet x

    Love this site.

  • Emma

    PS I’m liking Beth’s new look in the show. Though she’s looking more like Tara now… What Calen says is confusing… Are you sure you’re not Tara?… Strange stuff.

  • Calen is really Nice! oooh he could be the leader of the hoods gang ooooh Brilliant!

  • Ross

    ye that is defo him!

    hope we’ll see a bit more of him!

  • ohh btw Calen is Fit!!!

  • LK

    I’ve been following Reservoir Hill from the beginning and am really enjoying it and seeing Calen from The Tribe in it has just made my day, I hope he comes up in more episodes. It be great if he was the leader of the hoods.. I think they’re referring to him as ‘tattoo guy’ on the RH website. Which is apt as Calen does Tattoos in real life lol.

    Beth Chote is just getting better and better, as well as the other cast members. My favourite from them are also the chinese/asian girl Monika. The actress playing her is called Michelle, not Michelle Ang sadly! But I think after The Tribe this is becoming one of my favourite all time series, I just love it, I wish i was in NZ so I could txt in. Many thanks for the people on youTube putting the vids up!

    Sorry for the essay lol.

  • Joesus

    calen looks like he’s pooing

  • jo

    it is him, he has that tattoo. he also a tattoo artist now, he designed one of mine for me.

  • Cath

    Saw on the LOTS_SPOILERS twitter that Meryl Cassie has been signed up for Legend of the Seeker in a minor role…could be very minor or background as she’s apparently playing a courtesan: This is confirmed here:

  • Clare

    Thanks Cath, I’ve been away for a while and just done a few updates.

    It’s great news!

  • Ian McDiarmid

    We are all tattooed in our cradles with the beliefs of our tribe; the record may seem superficial, but it is indelible. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., The Poet at the Breakfast Table, 1872

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