Beth Chote on Reservoir Hill's Emmy Win...

Beth Chote who played the lead role in the online TVNZ teen drama Reservoir Hill has spoken about the series’ recent Emmy award win. In an interview with Jacqueline Smith for the NZ Herald Beth talks about the experience of working on the series, she also mentions she’s currently working in a cafe while auditioning for further work. Read the interview online here or below.

Emmy win an ‘awesome surprise’ says Reservoir Hill actress
By Jacqueline Smith
11:03 AM Wednesday Apr 14, 2010

The star of the New Zealand online drama that won a digital Emmy award on Monday night, says she never predicted its international success.

Wellington actress Beth Chote played the lead role of Beth Connolly on the interactive teen drama Reservoir Hill, which screened on TVNZ’s website from October until December last year.

As if her character didn’t have enough regular teenage issues to grapple with, she had to start her life over when she was uprooted by her family and moved to an eerie fictitious subdivision called Ruakowhai.

Viewers were encouraged to interact with Beth (the character) over text message and she acknowledged these in the weekly video blogs and an interactive Bebo page.

“There was no way I predicted the show would be as successful as it has
been. It was such a new concept with viewers having to make the effort to watch and give feedback and we really weren’t sure how people would react to that.

“I think the success of the show has been an awesome surprise for everyone,” Chote says.

She has been working in a cafe since filming the show, while auditioning for further acting work and is now getting used to her face being splashed across Emmy sites around the world.

“It’s a bit of a shock. I’m a little shy so it’s kind of weird for me, but it has been a great experience working with [producers] David and Thomas and the crew.

“Everyone has been so supportive that it’s been surprisingly easy to accept.”

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