Reservoir Hill : Series 2 Has Begun

Beth Page Chote in Reservoir Hill - Everyone Lies

The second series of New Zealand’s interactive drama Reservoir Hill, which stars Beth Page Chote in the lead role, has already kicked off! You may remember Beth Chote from her role as Lottie way back in series 5 of The Tribe, in Reservoir Hill she plays Beth Connolly.

The second season of Reservoir Hill, subheaded ‘Everyone Lies’ seems to be more darker… In series 1 [here's a spoiler peeps!] Beth (the character) found out that she really was ‘the bad girl’ Tara and that she had been brainwashed into believing that she was Beth Connolly. She was converted into Beth to reform her of her wicked ways, but it looks like the past will catch up on her as series 2 sees Beth move back in with her (Tara’s) original family…

If you live in New Zealand be sure to visit the official website and watch the episodes and interact with Beth! It’s all well and good for peeps living in New Zealand, but if you’re not in New Zealand, you can still check out some awesome RH stuff at Dreamspace. As a new part of the RH experience you can explore the dreams that Beth is having, get into her subconscious and see what is haunting her. The Dreamspace is pretty awesome and worth checking out!

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