The QANTAS Film & Television Awards 2010

Beth Allen - QANTAS film and television awards 2010

This evening (well morning in the UK!) was the hottest awards night in New Zealand, it was the QANTAS Film and Television Awards held at Auckland’s Civic Theatre. Check out the cool snaps above of some of our favourite cast members who have been in The Tribe! Photos are © Throng, who gave a great commentary of the event via Twitter.

Beth Allen, Lee Donoghue (Shortland Streets Dr Brooke Freeman and Hunter McKay) and Antonia Prebble (Loretta West in Outrageous Fortune) were present at the ceremony. Don’t they all just look stunning. I’m loving Beth Allen’s dress, long and flowwy. Antonia Prebble’s sparkling party frock and Lee Donoghue is looking sharp in his suit!

Unfortunately Beth Allen did not win the New Idea People’s Choice award she was nominated for (it went to Paul Henry), but hey she’s the real winner in our books! Miriama Smith (Kaitangata Twitch) also lost out in the Best Supporting Actress award she was nominated for, it went to Lisa Chappell (The Cult).

However shows featuring the cast members did win! Winners included Reservoir Hill, starring Beth Chote. Reservoir Hill won the Qantas ‘Cure Kids’ Best Children’s/Youth Programme and Outrageous Fortune won the Images and Sound Best Drama Programme and the award for Best Script (Antonia joined cast and crew picking up the award). The Cult (which featured Dwayne Cameron) won awards including Best Cinematography, Best Original Music and Images & Sound Best Editing. Kaitangata Twitch (featuring Miriama Smith) won awards for Best Sound Design and Best Production Design.

On the Outrageous Fortune awards win Antonia Prebble told the Sunday News: “I think the funny scripts ultimately [make the show] and the characters and scenarios that people can relate to”. She also said the show owed its success to writer James Griffin

I’m sure there will be more photos to come from the ceremony and after party’s so stay tuned!? Many thanks to Throng for the the info.

1 comment to The QANTAS Film & Television Awards 2010

  • Kate

    I adore Beth’s dress as well! And Antonia looks great, too though I did love her more in the short video where she was posing for the photos, there she looked absolutely stunning, better than in tehse pics. But I’m sure there will be more gorgeous photos to come. :)

    And I’m thrilled that The Cult got so many awards. Hmmm…second season looming…maybe?

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