The Tribe : Series 1 On DVD : Australia

The Tribe Season 1 DVD abc Australia

Yay to Australian TV network ABC, without which I don’t think The Tribe revival wouldn’t have gotten fully ignited into motion.

The Tribe DVD abc Australia As this is a blog about The Tribe cast, lets face it, there is no better way to see them on your screens than in The Tribe! Series one of The Tribe will be released on DVD in Australia on 3rd March 2011 (pre-order it here!). The artwork was released on the ABC shop late January, with thanks to Josiah F (Jojo) for telling me. Also thanks to ABC for the larger pic of the DVD cover (it was larger but I had to scale it down to reduce the size).

But the question is, what do you think of the cover? I asked on Twitter and here are the responses I got:

Hmm i totally agree with u .. :) I love the covers of my the tribe dvds (the European ones ;D) – Rania

Not a great DVD cover though? I prefer our ones :D – Scott

Yes, I`m also disappointed Lex isn`t in it … =/ Lex always was an important character, he should be on the cover! – Jebrill (psst – check out the updated look @

I think the Australian cover is ok, but it’s a little busy. I prefer the simplicity of the original one. – Lara

What do you think of the cover? Dissapointed Lex is missing? Maybe we are so use to the original covers for the UK and Europe release since it’s original release in 2003 the new cover is yet to grow on us? Also note the similarities with The Tribe Official Facebook page… ;D

Interesting bit of trivia, the original ‘red’ cover for series one and the ‘purple’ design for series two were created by a Tribe fan, David Crichton, he’s also designed wine labels for Raymond Thompson’s Tirohana Estate.

5 comments to The Tribe : Series 1 On DVD : Australia

  • Brianna

    Wooo Hoo!!!!! Bout bloody time!!!!! Yay!!

  • Naomi

    I live in AUS and ive had them on hold since november last year. They cost 60 dollars but its worth it :)

  • brianna

    Hopefully this will be the start of the other series coming out also, my birthday is on the 24th of March so perfect timing, no? :-)

  • Mary

    Wow, the cover is criminal. I’m not even a big fan of the original ones, but this is just awful. It makes me mad because half of the people coming on here could probably do a better job, and we all know that bad cover = bad content in the buyer’s mind. Then again, it’s not like these will be splayed out in the shop windows, so whatever. I really shouldn’t care about the show making profit, it’s about 7 years too late for that.

    But… congrats to all the AUS fans. Let’s hope they’ll follow up with the other seasons. (I remember vaguely what a struggle it was to get all the original ones released, so keeping my fingers crossed for you guys).

  • dylan

    yes so happy hope it gose into shops i love the tribe i do hope there is a season 6 everyone that loves the tribe u rule people who dont boooooooooo

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