New IMDB Photos : Tribe Guys

The Tribe Guys - Dwayne Cameron, Lee Donoghue, Ari Boyland

New photos of The Tribe cast on IMDB.

Dwayne Cameron – check out Dwayne’s buff look!

Ari Boyland – more pics of Ari on his IMDB page.

Lee Donoghue – looking very handsome indeed!

Dwayne Cameron : Pleroma Trailer

Pleroma Dwayne Cameron

“Life is alchemy. It’s about turning lead into gold…”

Check out the trailer for the short film Pleroma, written, directed, produced by and featuring Dwayne Cameron.

The movie features music by Golden Globe winning singer/song writer Lisa Gerrard. Lisa’s soundtrack credits include Gladiator, Heat (with Al Pacino and Robert Deniro), Man On Fire and Ali.

YouTube Preview Image

You can view more of Dwayne’s amazing work on his website:
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Dwayne Cameron : Inside A Dancing Mind

Dwayne Cameron - Inside A Dancing Mind

A new video has appeared on Dwayne Cameron’s official Youtube channel conciousspace. The video features Dwayne creating a piece of artwork, as well as showcasing previous works.

Check it out:
YouTube Preview Image

Dwayne Cameron : Boxing film + Official Facebook

Dwayne Cameron - Fighting Fit For Boxing Film

Dwayne Cameron has launched an official Facebook page for fans to stay up to date with his up and coming projects.

Cor! Fans are in for a treat! A recent photo uploaded to the page shows Dwayne sporting a hot, ripped, body for a boxing film. In the (currently untitled) film, Dwayne plays Jason, a boxer who loses his wife and is now fighting for his son.

Head over to the Official Dwayne Cameron Facebook page and give it a like to stay up-to-date with the latest DC news and to leave any messages you may have for him.

Holding The Sun : Trailer

Holding The Sun trailer Dwayne Cameron

Check out the trailer for Holding The Sun, a short movie written, directed, produced and featuring Dwayne Cameron.

YouTube Preview Image

Head over to the official Facebook page for the movie to share your thoughts about it with Dwayne. Click here to go there.

I found the trailer to be visually stunning and it has definitely peaked my curiosity as to what the final short will be like. Hopefully we’ll get the opportunity see it outside of the NZ. With thanks to Sabrina B for the info/update, much appreciated.

A Dream… : Dwayne Cameron Video Artwork

A Dream by Shaun Garea and Dwayne Cameron

Dwayne Cameron and film maker Shaun Garea have worked together on a video-art installation, entitled A Dream…

A preview video has been uploaded onto YouTube: YouTube Preview Image

Here are the details on the installation, from the Facebook page (give it a like!): Continue reading…

New Music For The Tribe!

The Tribe - Lost In You

Cloud 9 revealed a new demo track on their official The Tribe YouTube channel (subscribe to it!).

The song ‘Lost In You’ is by Raymond Thompson and John Williams and is performed by Sarah Nahshieneth and will be one of the new ‘The Tribe’ inspired music tracks to be released. The song is still in the works in progress. Have a listen below, it is introduced by Dwayne Cameron (The Tribe’s Bray).
YouTube Preview Image

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Dwayne Cameron : New Headshots

Dwayne Cameron

Check out the latest headshot photos of Dwayne Cameron. He is looking handsome – as usual – both with and without his stubble…

There are some more pics at his IMDB profile.

Dwayne Cameron : Holding The Sun – Photos

Holding The Sun - Dwayne Cameron

Dwayne Cameron - Holding The SunHead over to Facebook to check out some photos from Holding The Sun, a short film directed, written and starring Dwayne Cameron.

Click here to visit the Holding The Sun page, give it a like and check out the pics.
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Dwayne Cameron in Antonio’s Secret

Dwayne Cameron in Antonios Secret

Check out Dwayne Cameron featuring in the short (award winning) film Antonio’s Secret. It is a short story about a time capsule and a magician…

The synopsis: “A time capsule is found under a home after the Christchurch earthquake. There is a series of predictions that turn out to be true except one. That the finder will have psychic powers. The owner is on a quest to track down the writer and finds he was a famous magician. Is the magician correct? Does the owner have psychic powers?”
YouTube Preview Image
Dwayne is looking pretty sexy in the video!

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