Dwayne Cameron : Fan Chat + Competition

Dwayne Cameron

Dwayne Cameron, played the original hero of The Tribe, namely Bray.

As part of the revival of The Tribe, the official Facebook page is holding a chat with Dwayne Cameron over on Facebook. So if you have any questions you are dying to ask him, from The Tribe to Power Rangers : Operation Overdrive (he was Tyzonn / Mercury Ranger) or about his artwork, films and other roles, click here and add your questions to the discussion board.

There is also a competition to win a phone call from Dwayne himself! All you have to do is participate in the questioning. Dwayne will be online answering questions on Sunday 30th January 2011 from 9pm (in New Zealand time), he will be there for an hour.

YouTube Preview Image

In the UK Dwayne will be online at 8am (GMT) on Sunday 30th January. Use this time to convert it into your local timezones.

For more on Dwayne Cameron, visit his official website.

Dwayne Cameron : Holding The Sun

Dwayne Cameron is taking on his first solo directing project next year, with the short film Holding The Sun, which he also wrote.

The plot outline is: “A man embedded in western business culture struggles to find the spiritual tools necessary to deal with the death of his son”… Definitely not giving much away. The short film definitely sounds intriguing!

This is not the first time he has been directing, fans of The Tribe will already be aware that he had did some behind the camera work on The Tribe.

Holding The Sun will be shot in in Feb 2011, to keep up to date with Dwayne’s short film, follow his official Facebook page for updates.

Dwayne Cameron is currently involved in the film Arresting Love

Bramber Forever! – Bray & Amber Make The ABC3 Top 3

The Tribe's Bramber : Bray and Amber : Dwayne Cameron and Beth Allen

Proof you can’t keep a good thing down! It’s well over 10 years since The Tribe was made and the ‘it’ couple of the series have made it onto ABC3′s top 3 chart, for their programmes, as the channel celebrates their one year birthday. They made the top three lists for the cutest couple AND the list for best kiss (who can forget the highly memorable lip-lock exchange on Eagle Mountain?).

The couple Bray and Amber were portrayed by Dwayne Cameron and Beth Allen. The couple paired up in series 1 and 3 of The Tribe. Post ‘The Tribe’, Beth and Dwayne appeared onscreen together in Power Rangers : Operation Overdrive.

To be honest I’m disappointed The Tribe didn’t make the top three list for explosions (Series 2 Eagle Mountain, Series 3 explosion of the Chosen fuel depot and of course the explosion at the end of series 5!). Well done to Beth Allen and Dwayne Cameron, may Bramber live on! And a big Happy Birthday to ABC3!!!

Thanks to the lovely Jojo F for the info. Images are from the awesome Tribe Leader and BethAllen.webs.

Arresting Love : Dwayne Cameron Production Stills

Dwayne Cameron in Aresting Love as Joshua

Remember news about Arresting Love? (It’s here if you forgot! :D) It’s an up-coming movie featuring Dwayne Cameron in the role of Joshua King. Well these two production stills were released on the Facebook page for the movie. Check them out! There’s also a behind-the-scenes pic where you can make out Dwayne.

Join up on Facebook to the Arresting Love movie page and keep up-to-date with the latest happenings!

Dwayne Cameron is in Bliss…

Dwayne Cameron : Agency Photo Quiet literally! Dwayne Cameron will be in a TV period drama titled Bliss, which will air in New Zealand in 2011. Dwayne will be playing ‘Orchestra Man’ in Bliss, which is written and directed by Fiona Samuels and produced by Michele Fantl (MF Films).

Bliss tells the story of Katherine Mansfield in her early 20s as she leaves New Zealand and begins her journey as a writer. Info from NZ On Air (who are helping to fund the project) and Dwayne’s talent profile.

[This post has been back dated]

Dwayne Cameron : Arresting Love : Lead Role

Dwayne Cameron Great news for Dwayne Cameron fans! Dwayne has landed a role in a new movie. He will be playing the lead character, Detective Joshua King, in Arresting Love – directed by Amanda Phillips/Film Shock Productions. The film began shooting yesterday in Auckland.

You can keep up to date on the movie by joining up to the Arresting Love Facebook group. I’m sure there will be exclusive pics and vids coming there as the production goes on, currently they have the casting call advert up.

Dwayne Cameron in Curry Munchers

Curry Munchers from Mahayana Films by Cristobal Araus Lobos

Dwayne Cameron Dwayne Cameron (who was The Tribe’s Bray) is appearing in the 2010 film Curry Munchers. Dwayne will be playing the role of Connor, though he is not part of the core cast, he is featured in the movie.

The film is set in Auckland (it was filmed in Delhi [India] aswell as Auckland [New Zealand]), it is about the experiences and aspirations of Sidharth (Anand Naidu), a mid twenties migrant from Delhi who moves to Auckland. Settling into Kiwi life he wants a motorcycle like he had back in India. Going against his parents wishes Sid sets out to fulfil his dreams, yet finds obstacles in his path, including his feelings for the European woman Mary (Alison Titlaer).

The movie Curry Munchers is directed by Cristobal Araus Lobos and is made by Mahayana Films. It definitely sounds like an interesting film, would be great to see what Dwayne does in it.

Dwayne Cameron : Up & Coming...

Dwayne Cameron : Agency Photo Here’s some Dwayne Cameron news for his fans out there!

Earlier this month Dwayne Cameron was filming in a short film in Auckland called The Puzzle. The short film is directed by Danny Phillips, it is set in 2010 and is about a woman who loves doing jigsaw puzzles, but then one day ends up in a puzzle she’s working on – an 1880s house.

Jill Roberts who plays the lead role in the short film told The Timaru Herald about working on the short. She said about Dwayne Cameron: “Dwayne is an excellent actor, a very strong but subtle performer”.

More news… According to his updated agency profile, Dwayne has been in rehearsals for an up coming Thomas Sainsbury theatre production The Continental Monologues at the Te Karanga Gallery. Dwayne already featured in Thomas’ play Psychopaths earlier this year. I’m guessing The Continental Monologues will open to theatre audiences later this year.

Dwayne Cameron : On Stage in Psychopaths...

Psychopaths by Thomas SainsburyDwayne Cameron (aka original Tribe hero Bray) was on stage last week in the Thomas Sainsbury production Pshycopaths. In the horror/comedy play Dwayne played the character Pierre. The play is a bout a girl called Amy who moves to New York to perform in musicals, while there she finds herself being terrorised… (Full press release is pasted below). There’s a review of the production here.

This is not the first time Dwayne has worked with Thomas Sainsbury, he also featured in his December 2009 production The Christmas Monologues as the character Robbie Mercer, there is info on that here. Continue reading…

Dwayne Cameron : Legend Of The Seeker : Video Clip

As you’ll know Dwayne Cameron appeared earlier this month in The Legend Of The Seeker. He was in the episode ‘Fury’, season 2 episode 6, playing the character Kur and appeared throughout the episode. Here’s a clip of him in action…
YouTube Preview Image
Great news is that the episode Dwayne appeared in had the highest viewing figures for a Legend Of The Seeker episode in season 2.

From TV By Numbers:

Legend of the Seeker fans, the show’s sixth episode (from the weekend of Dec-12-13) didn’t make the top 25, but its 2.671 million average viewers was a season high and up almost 400,000 from the previous week and about around 90,000 higher than the season two premiere which had previously been the season’s high.

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