Atlantis High : Watch Online!

Atlantis High - watch the series online

… Well, the first two episodes are available X)

Cloud 9 have uploaded the first two episodes of their series Atlantis High onto YouTube. It is definitely worth chacking out by all fans of The Tribe cast who are out there as both shows shared the same production company and a few cast members too.

The first two episodes of Atlantis High features: Michael Wesley Smith (The Tribe’s Jack) as Giles Gordon, Victoria Spence (Salene) as Antonia and Anthony, Laura Wilson (May) as Jet Marigold, Lee Donoghue (Spike) as Josh Montana, Miriama Smith (Moz) as Vita (ep 1), Bevin Linkhorn (Ned) as Don (ep 1), James Ordish (Andy) as Giles’ inner child (ep 2), Robyn Malcolm (Ma’am in The Tribe 2) as Violet Profusion, Jo Mildenhall (Trudy’s mother in The Tribe) as Dorothy Gordon Todd Emerson (Riddler in The Tribe 5) as Beanie, Sam Husson (Top-Hat) as Vortex (one of the aliens)… Megan Alatini (Java) appeared in later episodes as Dr. Leggz.

Check out episode 1 below:
YouTube Preview Image

Episode 2 can be found here and also the industry trailer for the series can be viewed here. Subscribe to Cloud 9′s youTube channel for more videos.

Visit the official Facebook page for the latest developments on Atlantis High, regarding a DVD release, merchandise etc. A soundtrack for the series is available to buy via download, click here for the links.

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Beth Allen : Wedding Photos & Article

Beth Allen and Charlie McDermott wed

On Saturday 26th February 2011, Beth Allen got married to Charlie McDermott. The couple have been working together at the Basement Theatre, which is managed by Charlie, as well as creating their own production company, Royale Productions.

Beth Allen & Charlie McDermottIn an article exclusive to New Idea magazine, Beth and Charlie shared their wedding with readers. Their intimate wedding was held in Beth’s parents (Laraine and Jolyon) garden with friends and family in attendance. Amongst those who attended were Antonia Prebble, who was one of Beth’s bridesmaid. The ceremony was performed by Alan Spence (The article said: ‘They were married by Alan Spence, the father of one of Beth’s friends’, we are assuming that it is Victoria Spence’s father – though were not 100%sure).

Key quote from the article:

Beth shed a few tears listening to bridesmaid Antonia Prebble’s speech. She met the Outrageous Fortune star on the set of The Tribe in Wellington, at age 14.
‘She talked about how we first bonded over the fact we both had terrible hairstyles – mine bleached blonde with the intentional feature of 6ins roots, and hers a bright purple bob’

With special thanks to Emma H for the magazine scans and to Jebrill for info on the article. You can read more about the couple and their engagement/wedding plans over at BethAllen.Webs.
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Little Blonde Hen : Victoria & Beth : New Promo Pics Up

Little Blonde Hen - Beth Allen and Victoria Spence

New promo pics are available featuring Tori Spence and Beth Allen, who play Nicole and Megan in the Thomas Sainsbury production Little Blonde Hen. Images were taken by Sutherland Kovach Photography and featured on the Facebook page for Little Blonde Hen. More pics can be found there and also on the Beth Allen fansite. With thanks to Kate for drawing my attention to the new pics. It looks like the girls had their own photoshoot as they didn’t appear in the first one with the other members of the plays cast.

Previous pics featuring Antonia Prebble can be found here and also there is a mini interview with Thomas Sainsbury, who talks about working with Antonia (Elvira), Beth (Megan) and Tori (Nicole), here. The play opens on Thursday 11th June, which today, though by the time this goes up, the first night will have been done and dusted.

[Edit] There’s a review of the production here and here.

Thomas Sainsbury : On Little Blonde Hen & The Tribe Ladies

Thomas Sainsbury

The creator of Little Blonde Hen (featuring three of our favourites actresses), playwrite Thomas Sainsbury, has spoken about working with the stars of The Tribe, their skills and the roles they play in the production, aswell as his playwriting. Read it, it’s not long and is a good insight on the play and how Beth, Tori and Toni work.

Antonia Prebble in Little Blonde Hen You’ve worked with Victoria Spence, Antonia Prebble and Beth Allen in the past, how did you manage to get them together for this production?
The three actresses are great friends in real life so I think they wanted to work together. And then I just wrote a script and sent it their way and they were all keen. And Antonia is currently in hiatus from Outrageous Fortune so it all worked out brilliantly. I just think the universe was smiling on me at the time.

What qualities do you think they each bring to the play?
They’re all terrific actresses and workers in general. Tori’s playing the lead and brings a great, vulnerable centre to the piece. Beth is playing the villain and she’s brilliant at really getting into a character and just asking questions, and working things out all the time, making everything right. And Antonia is playing the OCD maid of honour and brings a brilliant, erratic energy to the part. She also has awesome comic timing and is great at delivery the joke lines, or changing them so they are funnier.

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Victoria, Beth, Antonia… And A Little Blonde Hen…?!?

Trudy (Antonia Prebble), Salene (Victoria Spence) and Amber (Beth Allen) in The Tribe No, it’s nothing disturbing like two girls and one cup (pop culture reference – lol), it is infact three of the original Tribe girls in the same stage production!!! It has been 10 years since we saw all three fighting over Bray, on screen, in The Tribe… Things have sure moved on.

Antonia Prebble in Little Blonde Hen Beth Allen, Antonia Prebble and Tori Spence will all be in the Thomas Sainsbury production Little Blonde Hen. They’re no strangers to the writer/director’s work; Victoria previously featured in his production The Beast, Antonia was in And Then You Die and Beth Allen in The Feminine. All the girls are acomplished performers on stage and screen, making it definitely a play to see!

Little Blonde Hen The full cast list for the production is as follows: Beth Allen, Serena Cotton, Siobhan Marshall, Antonia Prebble, Victoria Spence, Claire Van Beek and Jessica Joy Wood. The play “follows a group of girlfriends as their evening disintegrates into drunken debauchery” and is described as “a play about joy, despair and penis straws” – How lovely!

The play is on for four nights from June 11th onwards. More details and full info available here and below. Now, only one question remains… Where can I get a penis straw?!
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The Tribe Reunion 2008 – More Photos (Part 2)!

Ari Boyland and Ella Wilks10 more photos are up in the 10 year anniversary gallery. Check ‘em out!

- You’ll have to scroll down the gallery page to get the new ones.

Victoria Spence, Ella Wilks, Sarah Major and Jennyfer JewellThe new pics feature Jennyfer Jewell (Ellie in The Tribe), Ari Boyland (KC), Victoria Spence (Salene) and of course Ella Wilks (Danni) who gave her permish for the pictures to be up on the site. The pics of Ari Boyland and Ella are well cute!

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The Tribe Reunion Photos Are Up! (Part 1)

Ella Wilks And Beth AllenCheck them out!

This is the first lot of 10 to go up, featuring Tribe cast members; Ella Wilks (Danni), Sarah Major (Patsy), Michael Wesley Smith (Jack), Victoria Spence (Salene), Amy Morrison (Zandra) and Beth Allen (Amber).

It sure is great to see how they are looking now : click here to check them out. (Or click the pics).

Those of you who were on the German translation/version of the site (here), would have seen them yesterday, but they’re up now on the both sites, for your viewing pleasure.

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Who’s That Girl? (Again!) The Tribe Reunion Photo’s…


This one is an easier one! Photo is from Ella Wilk’s, taken at The Tribe cast and crew 10 year anniversary reunion 2008.

So who is it pictured with Victoria Spence, Ella Wilks and Michael Wesley Smith?

Click ‘continue reading’ to see if you’re right!!!

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Who’s That Girl? The Tribe Reunion Photo’s…


Can you guess who Ella Wilks and Victoria Spence are pictured with?

The lovely Ella Wilk’s has given her kind permission to use her Tribe reunion photo’s on The Tribe 10 Year Anniversary site! – Damn that girl is sweet!

The layout for the photos on the anniversary site is being sorted, but here’s a sneaky peek at two piccies (well, sneaky for those who haven’t seen them already!)… The German translation of the anniversary site has also launched, many thanks to Jebrill of You can view the German anniversary section here.

So, the question was, who is the third girl in the picture?… Click the ‘continue reading’ and find out below…

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Do You Have A Question For Ella Or Victoria?

salene-and-danni-hug.jpgI have the chance to interview the ladies as part of The Tribe’s 10 year aniversary on this site. So if there’s a Tribally related question you’d like to ask either Victoria Spence (Salene) or Ella Wilks (Danni) then get in touch, either post a comment or email me at there’ll be more interviews to come with cast members. So keep an eye out!

I’ve already gotten in touch with Zachary Best, who’s interview is complete. Also coming are interviews from Joseph Crawford, Beth Allen and Morgan Palmer Hubbard, I’m just waiting for their responses to questions I’ve sent them.


I’d just like to add here that some bugger is pretending to be me on Facebook with this profile: Cloudnine Friends using the e-mail address in the profile they said they are me and run, but my actual profile is here – yep that’s scary me :P I’ve reported them to Facebook. But hey, if you know the person who runs that profile give them a slap for me, cheers!

Anyhows… Get your questions in for Ella and Victoria! Please be quick though. Thank you. Also big thanks to the cast who have taken part so far.

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