Megan Alatini : Post Charity Head Shave

Megan Alatini charity head shave 2012In an interview with Woman’s Weekly, Megan Alatini talks about what led her to do a charity head shave to raise money and launch awareness for the Child Cancer Appeal Month.

Here’s a quote from the article:

“She [her friend] said, ‘Would you ever shave your head?’” Megan recalls. “I said, ‘No way.’ She then said, ‘Would you do it for child cancer?’ I thought about it for five minutes then said, ‘Well, yes. Probably.’ She said, ‘We’ll be in touch.’”

You can read the full article online at the NZ Woman’s Weekly website, here.

The charity head shave took place on March 2nd, read more about it here.

Megan Alatini : Children’s Cancer Charity Head Shave

Megan Alatini - Cancer Charity - Steve Price Night of Courage

Megan Altini, aka The Tribe’s Java, will be taking part in a charity head shave, on March 2nd, where all her lovely locks will be cut off. The event entitled, The Steve Price Night of Courage will raise money for the NZ Child Cancer Foundation.

Speaking about the event Megan said the following:
“Hair is really my thing, my whole family’s thing, but I feel really strongly about helping the Child Cancer Foundation – it is something I really want to do and I am so excited.”
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Beth Allen & Sally Martin : Paw Justice

Beth Allen Sally Martin Paw Justice video

Shortland Street stars Beth Allen (The Tribe’s Amber) and Sally Martin (Kandi, The Tribe 4) appeared in a brief promo video for the animal charity Paw Justice Wag N Walk Event, held on 3rd December 2011.

Check it out:YouTube Preview Image

Also in the video are Robbie Magasiva and Pua Magasiva (He was Shane Clarke the Red Ranger from Power Rangers: Ninja Storm, Sally was the Blue Ranger in that series).

Beth & Sally : Bless Their Dogs

Beth Allen and Sally Martin - Shortland Street - Attend Dog Blessing

Beth Allen and Sally Martin attended an animal blessing ceremony at St Matthews Church in Auckland on 2nd October 2011. The blessing followed a march/parade, organised by the SPCA Auckland, of animals and the owners down Auckland’s Queens Street.
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Miriama Smith : Lending A Charitable Hand…

Miriama Smith KidsCan charity with Sally Ridge Paula Herbert and Jo Holley

Miriama Smith, who played Moz in The Tribe 3, has been helping out with some New Zealand charities…

Currently she is taking part in the Queenstown Challenge for the Cure Kids charity. The challenge will see her making her way from Queenstown to Auckland with her pal Jo Holley and only $10NZ dollars between the two! You can sponsor the pair and help them raise money for the Cure Kids charity by clicking here.

Miriama said the following to Scene Queenstown about the $10 challenge: “We’re pretty much living and breathing it for this past month – then there’s the blood, sweat and tears of getting up the country in three days.
“But I’m pretty sure what we’ll have been through is nothing compared to what those [critically ill] kids are going through.”

Meanwhile, back in July 26th, for NZ charity KidsCan, (Miriama is an ambassador for the charity, since it began in 2005), Miriama and her pal Jo Holley joined other celebs in packing food boxes for poor children in New Zealand. In an article from The New Zealand Herald Miriama said the following: “We all think New Zealand is this idyllic little place that doesn’t have this [starving children], but we need to be reminded that it exists… We also need to be reminded that we can help.”

Michael Wesley Smith : London Family TV

Michael Wesley Smith London Family TV LFTV

Michael Wesley Smith, who we know and love as the clever whiz-kid Jack in The Tribe, is currently inhabiting the UK…

On May 16th 2011 Mike co-presented the International Families Charitable Gala 2011 organised by London Family Television’s (LFTV), who MWS is doing presenting/hosting work for.

In the clip below he introduces His Excellency Mr Hatem Atallah (the Tunisian embassador):
YouTube Preview Image

The event was held at Wyndham Grand Hotel, Chelsea Harbour. Extended videos of the event featuring Michael can be found on the LFTV Facebook page. Give the page a like to stay up to date on their future events. Who knows, maybe you’ll be rubbing shoulders with Michael at the next event?

Antonia Prebble : Charity Cycle In Vietnam

Antonia Prebble : Vietnam Charity Cycle

In April Antonia Prebble will join New Zealand’s children charity Variety on the Variety Vietnam Cycling Trip fundraiser – acharity bike ride through Vietnam to raise funds for the Bikes for Kids programme. The programme in 2011 will focus on children affected by the earthquake in Christchurch. Continue reading…

Antonia Prebble : Scared Scriptless/So This Is Christmas/Red Nose Day

Antonia Prebble - So This Is Christmas
Even more Antonia Prebble news, this woman is busy, busy, busy!

Monday 15th November sees the release of the festive charity CD So This Is Christmas. Antonia Prebble features on the music track caled Smile, a duet with Massad Barakat-Devine. Massad wrote the track and won a competition to record it and have it feature on the CD.

Antonia Prebble - Red Nose Day - Cure KidsAswell as the charity CD, Antonia is also supporting the Cure Kids Red Nose Day, which is happening on November 19th. New Zealanders can buy a red nose and help support the Cure Kids charity. The charity aim to raise $1 million with the Red Nose Day event to help fund research into life-threatening childhood illnesses affecting Kiwi kids.

On Friday 5th November Antonia Prebble made a special appearance in The Court Theatre’s comedy show Scared Scriptless. The Theatre have popped a video of her appearance onto youTube. Check it out: YouTube Preview Image
Could there be a future in comedy for Antonia? She somehow managed to keep a straight face throughout the performance! Great job.

Meryl Cassie At The Variety Show

Meryl Cassie at the Variety Concert press conference.

Meryl Cassie appears at the Variety Concert press conference at the Rendezvous Hotel in Auckland. Meryl Cassie attended the Variety Show Concert press conference at the Rendezvous Hotel in Auckland, held in the morning of the 11th November.

The main Variety Show event is at 7.30pm on 12th November at the Aotea Centre in Auckland. Where Meryl will be performing on stage. Jessie Gurunathan is also on the bill to perform (yay!). Also on stage to entertain will be Bonnie Tyler, Leo Sayer, John Paul Young, Jay Weston, Frankie Stevens, The Ladykillers, Shane Cortese, Tina Cross, Candy Lane and her Dancers, Stars from Dancing with the Stars, Tim Beveridge, Elizabeth Marvelly, The All New Howard Morrison Trio, Che Fu and 4DG and many others.

Profits from the event will be split equally between the Glenn Family Foundation and Variety charities. Money from the Glenn Family Foundation will go to work in India to prevent the sexual trading of young girls. – With thanks to Stuff for the info and pic.

Meryl and her family have previously performed with Variety, a charity that they have been committed to helping for several years.

Lee Donoghue : Two Cool Cats

Lee Donoghue

Lee Donoghue and pet cat Cyclops Aww I just saw this pic and had to post it up. It’s of Lee Donoghue, who was Spike in The Tribe – currently Hunter McKay in Shortland Street, with his cat Sinbad. I’m sure though he has renamed the cat Cyclops (see his Tweet here).

I can’t decide who’s cuter, Cyclops or Lee! Cyclops was adopted by Lee Donoghue from the Auckland SPCA, who posted the pic on their Facebook. You can follow the lovely Lee D. on Twitter by clicking here. Support by the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) by clicking here and finding more about their work and how you can help.

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