Beth Allen : Naked Role In Killer Joe… Interview.

Beth Allen naked role in Killer Joe Wow, so according to a new article, in the play Killer Joe, Beth Allen will have a few nude scenes. In an interview with Sunday News she talks about her nerves and how alot of thought has gone behind her decision to go ahead with the scenes. Here’s a few extracts…

“I’m completely nude. Not quite full frontal… you’re not going to see everything,” she said. “It’s taken me quite a while to get to the point of being fine with it.”

Like every actress, Allen knew that sooner or later a script would force her to decide whether she was prepared to disrobe for a role.

“I totally accept whatever any actress decides to do,” she said. “You see it on the screen all the time, women have obviously said, `No, I’m not going to have a bare chest,’ then Anna Paquin is in True Blood getting her tits out and you think `good on ya, girl’.”

The full article can be read below and also here. Also in the article, following on from Killer Joe, according to the article it looks like Beth’s next theatre project will be Christ Almighty. Thanks to Emma H in New Zealand for the article, cheers! For more articles on Killer Joe from this site, please click here. There’s a preview review of the play here. Continue reading…

Miriama Smith On Going Naked.

miriama-smith-eating-ice-cream-yum.jpgYep more trite from the goss mags.

I’m bored so I thought I’d post it below…

What the Kiwi gossip mags say

By CHRIS SCHULZ | Wednesday, 29 October 2008

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