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The series features Antonia Prebble (The Tribe’s Trudy) as a guest star in one episode, she appears throughout the whole episode (video clip here). There is also an episode featuring Jessie Gurunathan who was a farm girl in The Tribe series 1 & 2 (video clip here).

A great DVD series for any fan of New Zealand TV, fans of Antonia Prebble and of course fans of The Tribe!
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The Almighty Johnsons : Syfy UK

The Almighty Johnsons - SyFy UK - Antonia Prebble and Jessie Gurunathan

The Almighty Johnsons is currently showing on Syfy in the UK. The series featured Antonia Prebble (Trudy from The Tribe) and Jessie Gurunathan (who had guested in The Tribe as Dawn) in the series. Yay for a couple of episodes we’ll see former Tribies on UK TV!

The series is broadcast every Thursday at 10pm. Click here to visit the official Syfy UK website for more info.

The episode featuring Antonia Prebble as Sonja (Episode 3 – God’s Gift to Zebras) will broadcast tonight (16th February). The episode featuring Jessie Gurunathan as Leah (Episode 7 – Bad Things Happen) should be shown on March 15th.

Series two of the New Zealand series just finished filming this month.

Jessie Gurunathan : Almighty Johnsons : Video Clip

Jessie Gurunathan in The Almighty Johnsons

Jessie Gurunathan (who popped up in The Tribe 1 & 2 as Dawn) made her appearance on the hit new series The Almighty Johnsons, episode 7 season 1, on March 20th 2011.

In the episode, entitled ‘Bad Things Happen’, Jess plays the character Leah who teams up with Kylie (Kerry-Lee Dewing) and Sascha (Kowhai Wilkie) to get revenge on the womanizer Anders (Dean O’Gorman)… Here’s a small scene from the episode where she gives her story to Axl (Emmett Couling Skilton):
YouTube Preview Image

You can keep up to date with Jessie Gurunathan via Twitter.

Antonia Prebble in The Almighty Johnsons : Video Clip

Antonia Prebble in The Almighty Johnsons  as Sonja

Last week Antonia Prebble was in Super City, this week she had a spectacular guest role in TV3′s new series The Almighty Johnsons. In series 1, episode 3 “God’s Gift to Zebras” Antonia appeared throughout as a lead guest role playing Sonja, aka Frig.

In Almighty Johnsons, Axl Johnson (played by Emmett Couling Skilton) is the reincarnation of the god Odin and is on a mission to find his female companion, the goddess Frig. Well, along comes Sonja (Antonia Prebble) a librarian [and student] who openly claims that she is Frig… Won’t give much else away. You have to watch this series if you can.

Here is the first scene that Antonia appeared in:YouTube Preview Image

Hmm, that music is familiar… It’s ‘Careful’ by Flip Grater, which coincidentally had Antonia Prebble starring in the music video for that tune (side note – Flip Grater have signed a music deal in Germany, so German fans look out for the Careful video – hopefully soon!).

There’s official pics from the episode over at the official Facebook page for the series, the official site and also

Antonia Prebble In The Almighty Johnsons Trailer

Antonia Prebble as Sonja in The Almighty Johnsons

In 2011 new series The Almighty Johnsons drops on TVNZ. Antonia Prebble will be featuring in the series in the guest role of Sonja. You can check her out in the trailer below – were loving her specs!
YouTube Preview Image
There’s also a bit of girl on girl action too as it looks like Antonia’s character gets a lesbian kiss… The trailer originally aired on TV3 during the Outrageous Fortune final episode on Tuesday 9th November.

Jess Gurunathan in The Almighty Johnsons!

The Almighty Johnsons - Jessie Gurunathan
Jessie Gurunathan, who was Dawn in The Tribe, has landed a role in The Almighty Johnsons. Which sees her return to acting – yay!

The 10 part series is currently being filmed in New Zealand. Jess will be playing ‘Leah’, a girlfriend of one of “The Almighty Johnsons”. Tweeting about the role Jess said, ” I play a raunchy crazy girl with revenge on my mind……stay tuned (;” – We will! – Sounds like a fun role she’ll be playing too.

Not that you’ll need another reason to watch it, but Antonia Prebble will also be appearing in The Almighty Johnsons. Antonia has a guest role as the character ‘Sonja’. The Almighty Johnsons is by some of the team behind Outrageous Fortune which starred Antonia as Loretta West.

Keep upto date with Jessie Gurunathan via her Twitter. Keep up to date with The Almighty Johnsons series as it is being made by Twitter and Facebook. Photo of Jessie from Nova.

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